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The Good life Faq

When has Goodllife started out?

It was a hot summer back in 1995...

Why the name Goodlife?

Ed was in the early stages of the label and was hanging around at home, the label was still called Machination records, and Ed's dad said as a reaction on the hanging around, it seems you're enjoying the Goodlife here...the name was born.

How do i get my band signed to Goodlife?

See the contact page for more details...

I have a distro or shop and i need to distribute Goodlife, any wholesale-rates?

Yeah, let us know what your activities are and we will put you on our mailing-list and will send you our wholesale-rates.

I love to order stuff by mail, but i hate the internet thing, any other way possible?

Yeah like you said, the mail is an option that is reliable.

I live in the USA, how can i get your hot releases here?

Lumberjack is distributing our fine releases there. If they wouldn't have what you're looking for, try Revelation or Very.

I'm from Japan and i need to get your great releases, how can i get them?

Check your local stores there and your local mailorders...if they don't carry our stuff, tell 'em to carry it!

I would love to work for Goodlife, how is this possible?

You can always send in what your skills are and maybe we can use your services.

Is there a possibility to trade records?

Sure...why don't you send us an e-mail or list with what's available, a few samples to our adress are even better.

I work for this radio-station, and would like to give Goodlife some airplay, how is this possible?

It's always better to send us some of the playlists and a good bio about your activities..

I work for a magazine that comes out once in 5 years, and i need free stuff, possible?

If you're fishing for free goodies without giving anything in trade, forget it..we don't care about people who are trying to get free stuff and making a 200 made-coming-out-every-five-years newsletter.

I work for this kick-ass fanzine, e-zine, would like to interview your bands and review your releases, wanna send me some?

Now..that's better, we can work together for sure, send some examples of your publications and the url to your e-zine and we can send you our newest releases.

How can i book Goodlife bands?

Get in touch with the bands directly or ask us for the right information, we love to help you out.

Which labels are distributed through Goodlife?

Check out our list on the site or simply check our mailorder..basically if you're looking for something, there's a big chance we have it or can get it, try us!

Do you guys have a street team ??? How do I get on it?

Yes, we do have one. To get on it, simply send us an email with your name, address and what country and area you live in. We will not accept anybody that wants to be on there, but there're always ways to convince us. Be original.


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