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DECONSECRATE Lp/Cd Out Now !25/12/2015

DECONSECRATE's 'Nothing is Sacred' Lp/Cd marks the Glorious Return of H8000 Hardcore, featuring former members of Retaliate, Crossed The Line, First Alliance, United Blood, 6 Days of Justice, doing their thing.

Guest Vocals by Jon Gallagher / Dying Fetus and Damien Moyal / Morning Again !

For Fans of All Out war, Dying Fetus and Morning Again.

Vinyl Limited to 300 !!!   Our first vinyl production in 10 YEARS !!!

3 Colors available : Audiophile Black, Red Vinyl and Frosty white/clear Vinyl !

X REPENTANCE X Cd's are Out Now !25/12/2015

A certified future classic, 'The Sickness of Eden' sees the light of day on Cd via Good Life Recordings.

'TSOE' is Repentance's first release for GoodLife and was recorded by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name studios, England in December 2014.

It contains 8 tracks of angry furious Vegan Straight Edge aka Edge Metal !  Artwork by Staffan Snitting.

Repentance will be playing select dates in U.S. in 2016 !

BALBOA - Sabotage Cd - Out Now !25/02/2015

 Nearly 2 years in the making, ‘Sabotage' sees the light of day via Good Life Recordings.

'Sabotage' is Balboa's second release for Good Life and  was recorded, mixed and mastered at Supercheval productions in Belgium.   It contains 10 powerful new BALBOA jams and features Ludo (ex-NASTY) on 2nd guitar !
Guest vocals by A.K. from Fallbrawl, Loïc from D.C.A. (Metz HC) and Fred  from Punished Earth.
U.K. tour and Spain tour have been booked, along with shows & festival appearances throughout Europe !

SIX FT DITCH - 'A Taste For Killing' Cd, Out Now !25/02/2015

Five years in the making, ‘A Taste For Killing’ finally sees the light of day.

Studded with a ton of bonus material, including ‘Cum Incorrect’ – a stab at
you know who, ATFK clocks in at 32 minutes, with a total of 16 tracks, in-
cluding some covers and live tracks (in Sweden & Portsmouth).
Guest vocals are provided on a number of songs ; Choppy Warbuxxx (Search
Bloc) on ‘Until The End’, G (No Zodiac) & Jamie (Cast Iron Jaw) on a new
version of ‘Blood On The Soil’, Nick Shedlock (An Aborted Memory) on
‘Aftershock’, Stikman (Fury of Five) and Btown Mike King on Six Feet Deep,
Phil Vibez from Irate on ‘Tales From The Crypt’, Jesui & D-Will (Colosus),
Anthony (TRC), and more.
Album mixed & mastered by Nicolas Declève (Nasty, Skarhead, Alpha & Omega).
Hands down the best sounding Six Foot Ditch album. 
Note : Sound in the video below Before mastering, much better on cd !!!

Good Life sign SWORN VENGEANCE, New CD announced !19/11/2013

We here at Good Life are proud to announce the release of a brand new studio album from California's SWORN VENGEANCE. We will have both the CD version and the U.S. Pressed vinyl version on LP.

Says the Band : “A little more info on our full length: We will be going back into Castle Ultimate in Oakland around the beginning of October to work with the amazing Zack Ohren to record 4 tracks, 2 of which will be brand new songs for the full length. We will also record one of our older songs, "Abbadon." Combine that with the 7 songs we released digitally earlier this month and you will have a 10 track full length set to release around December. This will be released Worldwide by GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS !”

NASTY's Debut Album Re-issued !10/01/2013

After being out of print years, here it is again : NASTY 'Declaring War' Redux CD !

This Reissue comes Completely Repackaged with New Artwork, and fully Remastered by Nicolas Declève. (Skarhead, Boxcutter, Slam Coke)

THE original Beatdown BOMB that started The Revolution, 17 tracks total !

New Albums by CRAWLSPACE and BALBOA !10/01/2013

BALBOA are still a relatively young band from the same area as NASTY and play a similar style, I always thought of them as NASTY's kid brother band. (Ludo from Nasty has now even joined BALBOA on second guitar!)

'Unbreakable' is their second full length CD, recorded by Ludo's Supercheval Productions and mastered, of course by none other than Nicolas Declève.

CRAWLSPACE need no introduction. The gang who introduced Limburg Tough Guy Fury have been around for a long time. After a devastating MCD on the now-defunct RPP Productions and a split with their bros in FULL COURT PRESS, the band signed with Good Life's Sub Label FINAL BEATDOWN RECORDS and released their legendary full length debut 'Enter The Realm of Chaos' CD/LP.

CRAWLSPACE are now back, more technical and skilled than ever with a bomb of an album aptly titled 'Carved Into Flesh'.  High quality recording and an excellent mastering job by Nicolas Declève guarantee a GREAT album with 7 new tracks plus 2 old tracks off the MCD reworked into brutality !

SICKER THAN MOST CD is Out Now !06/06/2012

SICKER THAN MOST are New Jersey's Best Kept Secret, now about to break BIG with the release of their SMASHING debut full length 'No Dividing Line' CD on Good Life Recordings.

Angry Agressive Beatdown Hardcore featuring Joe from CLUBBER LANG !

Also has guest spots by James 'Stikman' Ismean from FURY OF FIVE / BOXCUTTER / FULL METAL JACKET and Jeremy Tingle from LIFELESS NLFTW !!!

Good Life Recordings sign TOO GROSS, CD Out Now !06/06/2012

TOO GROSS formed over Halloween week 2011, as 4 veterans (from SIX FT. DITCH and CUNTHUNT 777) in the European hardcore scene they teamed up to show the world what's up.

Line-up is :
RAGE BALL - Guitar
HAVOC - Drums

Debut ep STATE HOME FOR THE UGLY CD OUT NOW on Good Life Recordings !  Features a Ruffiction Productions Bonus track !

Mixed by Ludo from Nasty, Mastered by Nicolas Declève !

GOOD LIFE FEST is BACK w/ CONGRESS Reunion !!!12/02/2012

After Many Years of absence, the Legendary GOOD LIFE FEST will be back on the map on Saturday October 27, in the heart of Belgium's H8000 Area ; Kortrijk.

The Fest will mark the return of CONGRESS and will have a mix of old and young bands playing special sets ! Tickets will be kept cheap at only 10 € !


'Like' the event page on Facebook for daily updates  :

We Welcome BALBOA to the Good Life Family !12/02/2012

 It is Our Great Honor and Pleasure to Welcome BALBOA to the Good Life Family.  BALBOA are without a doubt one of the hardest working and most promising young bands in European Hardcore right now !

We Will have New Shirts and Sweaters coming NEXT WEEK, New Album coming later in the year !!

Here is 'Underground',  a brand new song for you to enjoy :

We Welcome SICKER THAN MOST (NJHC) to the GOOD LIFE Family !05/11/2011

 SICKER THAN MOST were brought together by a series of horrible events that made us what we are. SICKER THAN MOST formed in a house in Trenton NJ.

Since then we've grown into one of the heaviest bands to come out of New Jersey. Some have moved on but the ones who remain, are dedicated to bring nothing but songs that turn the dance floor into a warzone, topped with crowd pleasing sing alongs of a message that comes from our hearts.

Full length CD coming soon on Good Life Recordings !

Expect quality Beatdown Hardcore featuring ex-members of CLUBBER LANG !

V/A BEATDOWN BASTERDS is Here !23/09/2011

2011 brings a new wave of Beatdown Hardcore bands, from the U.S. to Russia, from Japan to Europe, that is becoming increasingly strong in Hardcore, and we managed to showcase them on our new BEATDOWN BASTERDS compilation ! 

Nothing but UNRELEASED songs by already established bands like NASTY, SIX FT DITCH, ENEMY GROUND, EXTINGUISH THE FIRE, mingled with rising talents like NO SECOND CHANCE, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, DANFORTH  and many more !  
ALL Exclusive Material !  
Album mastered by Nicolas Declève !!
1. Six Ft Ditch – Ready For Combat   
2. Nasty – Look at Me and Fuck You   
3. Danforth – Representz   
4. Enemy Ground – In  Memory Of Them All   
5. Enemy Ground – Claustrophobia   
6. Extinguish The Fire – Dannie Brasco   
7. Extinguish The Fire – Lord of Calite   
8. King Of Clubz - Society's Prey   
9. King Of Clubz – Timebomb   
10. Chainsaw Bloody Strike –  Rock   
11. Rise Of the Northstar - Protect Ya Chest  
12. No Second Chance – Standing Strong, Living Through   
13. No Second Chance – Greed   
14. Providence – Vengeance Over Victory   
15. Slam Coke – Fick Die Bude Kaputt   
16. Dirty Fingers – Black Land Crew
17. Bogmonsta (pre – Six Ft Ditch) – Intro...98% Fake  

NO SECOND CHANCE 'Never Ending Fear' CD is Here !23/09/2011

London, UK Hardcore boys NO SECOND CHANCE started in January 2010 with only the desire to play hardcore in an aggressive and raw style and to play as many shows, have as much fun and make as many friends as possible.   Since forming, No Second Chance have gained a reputation for being one of the hardest working and most devoted hardcore bands in Europe - By now No Second Chance have played well over 180 shows having toured mainland Europe many times.

In March 2011, No Second Chance signed a deal with Goodlife Recordings for the release of their debut album, out Now ! 
For Fans of FIRST BLOOD, TERROR and Beatdown Hardcore !
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ALBUM IS OUT NOW  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New SLAM COKE CD & Merch : Pre-order UP NOW !09/05/2011

Nicolas Declève, top European sound-engineer, has finished mastering the New SLAM COKE album and we are ready to unleash this album, that is a BEAST and a masterpiece and way ahead of it's time !

BUY : http://www.hardcore.GL 

The Single 'Fick Die Bude Kaputt' is up on iTunes NOW, the Album will be SOON !

Listen to SLAM COKE here :

Follow SLAM COKE on Facebook :

Brandnew SLAM COKE Hoodies !!!  Buy from

Brandnew SLAM COKE Merch, get it from !!

3 NEW Releases on GOOD LIFE This Spring + iTunes !04/05/2011

Starting NOW, our releases are available from iTunes and any other legal download platforms !

Sooo... That's right, we have at least 3 new releases coming up this spring alone !

1) SLAM COKE 'The First Cookie : FICK DIE BUDE KAPUTT !' Full CD + iTunes !

2) NO SECOND CHANCE 'Never Ending Fear' Full CD + iTunes !

3) V/A BEATDOWN BASTERDS Full CD + iTunes - New and Unreleased songs only

This is the FULL list of all the bands on BEATDOWN BASTERDS, all bands have 1 or 2 songs :

NASTY (bel/ger)
SLAM COKE (fr/ger/aus)

For news and updates, watch this space OR follow Ed on facebook,
where you get Daily Updates :

pic : NO SECOND CHANCE with Nicolas Declève who is currently mastering their upcoming CD !


NO SECOND CHANCE from London, UK Join Good Life Recordings !04/05/2011

Good Life Recordings is proud to welcome NO SECOND CHANCE to the family !
No Second Chance caught Good Life's attention in Summer 2010, after having released a 10-song split CD with Beater on Loyalty and Devotion, an Indie Clothing Co/Label !
NSC have now recorded a brand new full length album that is now in the hands of Nicolas Declève for Mastering and will be released before summer 2011, pre-orders will be up soon !
Members : Owen - Vocals / Dave - Guitar / Chaney - Guitar / Kirill - Bass / Ian - Drums.

Hometown : London /// BOOK No Second Chance :

Biography : NSC Started in January 2010 with only the desire to play hardcore in an aggressive and raw style and to play as many shows, have as much fun and make as many friends as possible !
Since forming, No Second Chance have gained a reputation for being one of the UK's hardest working and most devoted hardcore bands - By August 2011, No Second Chance will have played well over 180 shows comprising of 4 European Tours, 1 UK Tour, 1 US Tour and countless other weekenders and one off shows in UK/Europe.

Without booking agents or managers, NSC have earned this reputation off their own backs and through nothing but hard work and the gratefully received support from their friends all around the world. They play shows with friends, to friends and for our friends.

NO SECOND CHANCE's Influences include First Blood, Knuckledust, Lionheart, Nasty, Reign Supreme, Terror, Your Demise, Since The Flood, Trapped Under Ice and many more...

New NASTY CD Out Now !14/07/2010

NASTY's new atomic bomb, titled 'Give a Shit' was recorded and mixed by the band's bassplayer, Ludovic Gotal and Mastered by Nicolas Declève, who already worked on the previous album, 'Aggression' !

Expect a new MASTERPIECE of Terror Beatdown with once again, several guest vocalists...  Give a Shit !

All pre-orders are shipping NOW, and this album is available in 3 nice BUDGET-deals :

1. BUY 'Give a Shit' + Aggression' CD's for only 20 € POSTPAID !                

You Save 7 Euro !

2. BUY 'Give a Shit' + Brand new NASTY 'Black Logo' T-Shirt for 25 € POSTPAID !

You save 10 Euro !

3. BUY 'Give a Shit' + Brand new NASTY 'Black Logo' Hoodie for 40 € POSTPAID !

You save 12 Euro !

GLR sign SLAM COKE / NASTY working on New Album !07/05/2010

Everybody's favorite Beatdown Heroes NASTY have entered the  Studio in Belgium today to record the successor to their acclaimed 'Aggression' CD !  The album will be produced, mixed and mastered by Ludovic Gotal and Nicolas Declève.

NASTY will record several weeks on their new masterpiece, title of the album and release-date are To Be Announced at a later time !  

More news when we get it...

NASTY have put some new teasers up on their Myspace page in case you want to hear what the gang is up to.

Pre-orders will be announced soon, so stay tuned and SPREAD THE WORD !!!


SLAM COKE ink deal with Good Life Recordings !

SLAM COKE have nearly finished all tracks for their upcoming CD on Good Life !

The band have also released a new T-shirt Design with yellow print on Black Shirts !
The first single off the upcoming CD is called 'FICK DIE BUDE KAPUTT' and consists of a cooperation between the band a tons of guest vocalists from other bands - see below :

These shirts and hoodies are for their epic track 'Fick Die Bude Kaputt', a song to destroy all songs, br00tal as hill, which will contain guest vocals by a ton bands from around the world.

As you can see, all bands have now recorded and the song is now in the mixing / production phase.

This is the definitive line- up :
00:05 / 00:23 BALBOA & DES MAFIOS (Be)
00:24 / 00:44 EL COMER OCHO (Be)
00:45 / 01:11 BUTCHER (Ge)
01:12 / 01:36 THE LAST CHARGE (Hun)
01:37 / 02:13 KING OF CLUBZ (Usa) & MOB RULES (Usa) & BLACK TEETH (Usa)
02:14 / 02:37 LUDO from NASTY & OERJGRINDER (Be)
02:38 / 03:05 SLAM COKE (Au)
03:06 / 03:36 KRAANIUM (Nor)
03:37 / 04:00 KING OF CLUBZ (Usa)
04:01 / 04:22 DEAD END TRAGEDY (Ge)
04:23 / 04:49 ABNORMITY (Ru)
04:50 / 05:21 PUNISHED EARTH (Be)
05:22 / 05:41 UNITED BLOOD (Au)
05:42 / 06:12 SLAM COKE (Au)
06:13 / 06:34 JASON LGHC (Be)
06:35 / END SLAM COKE (Au)


GLR sign VIETNOM !07/05/2010

VIETNOM inks worldwide deal with Good Life Recordings!
A deal that has been months in the making finally gets inked, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Life Recordings is proud to present NYHC, D.M.S. Heavyweights, VIETNOM!
VIETNOM is in the process of recording a full length... it's DMS HARDCORE to the FULLEST!

VIETNOM has been active since 1999 and the sound of the new record covers a bit of each recording, ONLY HARDER!!!!  It's a mix between the hard, fast tracks from "Death is the Outcome" and "Thru My Eyes",  It's definitly an angry record with enough attitude for any PIT!!!

Guitarist AK Ray commented : "We have always brought our own sound and mixed it with our families brand, which is true O.G. NYHC!!!  This new record brings a true NYHC sound back to the streets were it belongs.

VIETNOM has been seen supported by established acts that range from Hatebreed to Himsa, Bulldoze to Rancid, ....and thats because the VIETNOM sound and attitude is very real.  You can't fake what we do!!!

No matter what other bands we come from or play with, when it comes to VIETNOM, we commin' ready to drop bombs!!!"

The new VIETNOM record will tentatively be called 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' and will drop early 2010 !

Expect guest-appearances from Kevone-BULLDOZE, Rob-LIONHEART and SKAM DUST!

GLR sign and release new BOXCUTTER Album !07/07/2009

A deal that has been 2 years in the making, BOXCUTTER's  "The ILL Testament" in a Strictly limited edition super-jewelcase CD !!

Consequently the cd has been licensed to Screaming Crow records in the U.S. who have released it with different artwork and 2 so-called bonus tracks, which are actually 2 old tracks from the 'Pitbull Ways' CD (CD STILL AVAILABLE from our webstore !!)

We are extremely excited to announce to you the release of
BOXCUTTER's 'The ILL Testament' CD on Good Life Recordings !

BOXCUTTER are a group of seasoned hardcore veterans from the East Coast like Mad Joe Black, Richie Krutch and James Ismean who play(ed) in following bands :


Like their previous bestselling album 'Pitbull Ways' (STILL AVAILABLE from our store!), 'The ILL Testament' contains an awesome mix of Beatdown Hardcore, Hip Hop, NYHC and Rock and clocks in 
at 39 minutes of pure BFL fury !!


- 3rd CD from this absolute U.S. Cult band !
- All-star line-up of legends in their own time !!!
- Limited Edition first pressing in super-jewelcase
- Recorded by Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, Bloodclot, Spudmonsters)
- Mastered by European Mastering Wizzard Nicolas Declève!

DON'T SLEEP - First Press in Limited Edition Super-Jewelcase !!!

GLR sign ONESTA !16/09/2008

We have just signed ONESTA from the streets of Paris ! New Album, ONESTA 'We Got Game' drops on Good Life late October 2008 ! Stay tuned for tons of new merch and Special Deals to be announced !!!


NASTY 'Special Deals' are available now !

DEAL 1 : NASTY CD + SHIRT 25 EURO PPD. you save : 5 euro

DEAL 2 : NASTY CD + CREW NECK SWEATSHIRT 35 EURO PPD. you save : 7,50 euro

DEAL 3 : NASTY CD + HOODIE 40 EURO PPD. you save : 10 euro

These deals will end soon !

'Aggression' is harder, sicker and much more brutal than 'Declaring War', so you better get ready !

Guest vokills on this record by Peachey / SIX FT. DITCH, Tito / SURGE OF FURY and more !!!

WINTER 2008 SALE05/01/2008

We are again slashing prices on thousands upon thousands of cd's, lp's - with everything from emo/rock to metalcore to old school hardcore to xEdgex to Beatdown... something for everyone - check it out in the webstore !


Right now, we are again discounting 100's more titles to just 4 euro !

Check it out in the webstore, you won't be sorry !

Bands : Avenged Sevenfold, Bulldoze, At The Drive-In, Beyond The Sixth Seal, Comin' Correct, 25 Ta Life, Danzig, Death By Stereo, Flatcat, Gameface, Harley's War, Hot Rod Circuit, Nora, Raw Power, Shai Hulud, you get the idea :)

NASTY - new album18/09/2007

NASTY have finished writing all the songs for their upcoming album on Good Life !

The band will enter the studio in the next weeks and the
new album will feature guest appearances by none
other than Peachey (SIX FT. DITCH), Ito from SURGE OF FURY + the vocalists of ENEMY GROUND and Punished Earth, and more !

Go, NASTY, Kill Kill !

4 Euro Summer SALE in the Webstore !27/07/2007

We are having a Secret Summer Sale in the webstore !!!

Hundreds of LP's and CD's from top Hardcore and Metal artists for 4 Euro only...

TELL YOUR FRIENDS, there's enough music to make everyone happy ! Get all the music you never had the cash for ! Spread the word !!!

PAPER Nineteen !25/07/2007

New, limited edition issue of The Paper issue 19 is out now !

In this Issue : coverstory on Unearth and interviews with Embraced By Hatred, NASTY, Your God Is Dead, Spoil Engine, Turisas and Last Winter.

If you want one, just drop us a line...

New Issue 17 of THE PAPER ! (free)15/01/2007

Hey Y'all, issue SEVENTEEN of The Paper, Goodlife's free hardcore music & lifestyle magazine is out now !

Drop us a line if you want to distribute it in your area, at shows, give it to your friends, etc...

It's free, in English and has reviews, opinions, mailorder catalog and interviews with : AS WE FIGHT, CONGRESS, THE BOSS, DOOMSDAY, SPARKLE OF HOPE and THE SETUP !!!!

Happy New Year28/12/2006

This will be our final update of 2006. We want to thank everyone out there that supported us and our bands, be it by buying our CDs or Merch, shop in our webstore or went to any of our bands shows. Without your help, we couldn't be here.

Our boys in A Traitor Like Judas are finally back on track. They got a new singer, after Bjoern had to leave with throat problems. Colin will be in charge of vocals now and has already played his first show with his new band. We hope that ATLJ will be spared from further setbacks and that they can do what they do best again, playing shows and bring the Mosh.

Also, in the beginning of 2007, we'll have a limited supply of the Classic and much sought after BULLDOZE 'The Final Beatdown' CD + DVD. If you wish to lay your hands on one of these babies, send us an email and let us know how many you'd like to reserve.

And last but not least, our best wishes for 2007. We hope to see, hear or read you all again next year !

AS WE FIGHT - Midnight Torndo07/11/2006

AS WE FIGHT's new masterpiece Midnight Tornado, is OUT NOW. Our Danish Boys outdone themselves and wrote a record that will blow everyone's mind. Killer riffs, plenty of breakdowns, a high dose of Rock 'n Metal and an amazing production. If this doesn't convince you, head over to AWF's myspace and check out 2 songs of the record 'Where Eagles turn' and the newly added 'Dead end Streets'.

The record is available in stores now ! As We Fight will be touring extensively the upcoming months, please check out the tour section to find out when and where they'll play in your neighbourhood.
And for As We Fight fans in the UK, sit tight, as we'll have more news soon about a UK tour.


After 13 years of existence, numerous releases, CONGRESS, is calling it a day. The Godfathers of H8000 hardcore and the European Metalcore scene are saying their final goodbye. But at least they'll go out with a BANG !!!!
This Saturday, November 11th, the final show is taking place at the Fenix in Ieper, a brandnew venue. Other bands playing are Length of Time (Reunion show), Retaliate (final show), Core of Anger, Morda, The Boss, Blood Redemption, Your god is Dead and ODK Crew. A Killer line-up and there's no reason at all to miss this event !

Together with the final show, we're releasing the final Congress CD, THE LEGACY. The Legacy contains 4 new tracks and the out of print CDs The Other Cheek, Euridium, the Congress songs from the Mindsnare split and 1 previously unreleased song ! And all this for 10 euros only. Make sure to pick up your copy this weekend or order it from our webstore right now !

DOOMSDAY 'No angel Wings'28/09/2006

DOOMSDAY's debut is available now. This Italian quintet, which features Monster (ex-purification) on guitars is ready to take over Europe by storm. Brutal metal is mixed with lots of melody, music that is perfect for fans of Unearth, As I Lay Dying or Soilwork.

ATLJ Loses singer01/09/2006

Our boys in A Traitor Like Judas had some sad news to tell the world this week. Singer Bjoern, who's been a driving force in the band from day 1, is forced to leave the band, due to health reasons. He will play his final show on september 16th in Vechelde. Make sure to write that date down in your agenda and give Bjoern the best possible goodbye he could ever dream of.


We're proud to announce the signing of DOOMSDAY, Italy's hottest new brutalmetalcore band. After being in PURIFICATION for 10 years, Guitarist Monster couldn't turn his back on hardcore when Purification threw in the towel and immediately started working on new music, which resulted in Doomsday.
DOOMSDAY combines the strength of brutal metalcore with infectuous melodies, resulting in an amazing melting pot of punishing hardcore ! Taking off where Purification stopped and adding so much more to their sound, DOOMSDAY is a band you wil not be able to ignore !
Expect their debut, NO ANGEL WINGS, out by the end of September.

100 DEMONS RE-RELEASE28/07/2006

We will be releasing a completely re-mastered and re- packaged version, including 3 bonus tracks, of 100 Demons GoodLife debut and best- seller 'In The Eyes Of The Lord', to celebrate the return of original vocalist Bruce. 2 of the extra tracks feature HATEBREED's own Sean Martin on guitars.

'In the Eyes of the Lord' came out in 2000 and quickly became one of GoodLife's best selling albums. The brutal hardcore from this Connecticut 5 piece still sounds fresh and this Re-issue is a must for each fan of 100 Demons or any fan of brutal and merciless Hardcore. The re-release will be available on the Sworn Enemy/100 Demons tour and will be in stores in September.

Some news07/06/2006

After struggling with their line-up for a while, Naiad has decided to call it a day. the band left us one of the greatest MCDs ever.
In-Quest has been confirmed for the Graspop festival. They moved up a couple of spots from last year. They play sunday, the 25th at noon in th Marquee 1. Go Check them out !


The long awaited new SHELTER album 'Eternal' is now available from our webstore ! The Frist 100 orders will receive a FREE Shelter poster along with their order ! Don't miss out on the comeback album of the year !

NEW SHIRTS23/05/2006

We have a whole bunch of new shirts in our webstore from some killer hardcore bands. Take a look at the list and move over to our webstore if you're interested in getting some !

TERROR "L.A. Hardcore Skull" T-SHIRT
TERROR "Not This Time" T-SHIRT
TERROR "88 Design" T-SHIRT

BARRICADES in stores now04/05/2006

BARRICADES, Death before Disco's new album, is now available in the Benelux. In Belgium, you should be able to get it pretty much everywhere, if you live in holland, you might have to order it !

This is what the first reviews say about BARRICADES.
Value of Strength Mag - 'VERY IMPRESSIVE' - 'The new DBD is simply better than Party Bullet. Everybody that likes non cliché post hardcore with plenty of other musical styles mingled, should buy this !'

SHELTER 'Eternal'30/03/2006

Mark down May 15th as the official release date of Shelter's new Album 'Eternal'. Shelter will be touring Europe this summer, dates will be announced soon. You can listen to the title track of the album here

DEATH BEFORE DISCO have also put a new track online from their upcoming album 'Barricades'.


DEATH BEFORE DISCO is supporting AVENGED SEVENFOLD on their belgian date tonight. DBD starts at 8pm sharp. Place of happening : BOTANIQUE, BXL. If you didn't get your ticket yet, make sure to be early, there're a couple more tix left at the entrance.

LOST IN RHONE21/02/2006

After a completely sold out release show this weekend in Tessenderlo, you can now buy the Lost in Rhone debut CD 'Beloved be the ones who sit down'. This amazing piece of heavy post-hardcore is an earpleaser for each and every one who loves their music intense and melodic. For some earcandy, go here or even better, listen to our webradio !


Our boys are crossing the Channel today to play a string of shows and mosh the crowds in the UK. If you haven't picked up their new CD yet, get your copy today and mosh along !
Dates are up in the toursection.


We've upgraded our webradio with new songs by our recent artists ! Take your time to check it out !

As we Fight new site12/01/2006

As We Fight just recently revamped their website. They've also added a bunch of new dates. The band is planning on entering the studio in a couple of months, so, expect a new As We Fight CD somewhere this year !
As We Fight site

HAPPY NEW YEAR30/12/2005

First of all, we want to wish you all an amazing 2006 full of music, love, happiness and all the other things people wish other people in times like these.
Secondly, we want to thank all of you for your continuus support and your love and passion for underground music. Every customer, every kid that mailed us questions with regards to our bands or the scene in general, evry single one that came to our bands shows, our distributors, all the people we work with and last but not least, all of our bands, as without them, we coulnd't be a label. Thank you all for an amazing year and hope to see, hear or read you all again in 2006 !

GOODLIFE sign SHELTER19/12/2005

Good Life Recordings announces today, December 19th, 2005, a world-wide deal for the new Shelter- album, tentatively titled 'Eternal'.

'ETERNAL' includes 4-5 REAL hit songs and a reworked version of the classic 'In Defense of Reality', for a total of 11 songs on the album. Shelter have released a handful of classic albums on labels like Revelation Records, Equal Vision, Victory and Century Media. Their absolute hit-album was 'Mantra', released through Roadrunner Records in the 90's.

'Eternal' is back in the grand style of the 'Mantra' days, and will NOT disappoint


Congratulations to our boys AS WE FIGHT, who have received a DANISH METAL AWARD for best Danish Live Act.

Lost in Rhone news29/11/2005

The mixing of Lost in Rhone's debut album is finished and the record is on the way to get mastered. An unmastered version of the song 'Walk With Daedulus' is posted on LIR's Myspace

NIGHTMARE INC.17/11/2005

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS new full 'NIGHTMARE INC.' is now available from the webstore. The band is starting their record release tour tomorrow. Check out the toursection for dates.

Nightmare Inc. is without a doubt the most punishing European Metalcore album we've heard this year. Modern day metal that's heavy, critical and an absolute must if you dig BRUTAL metalcore. The new wave of European modern metal has arrived.

DIE WITHOUT26/10/2005

We have added a new A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS mp3 in the media section of our website. The songs was already available on their myspace site, but is now also available for download from here. Check it out !

IN-QUEST LIVE25/10/2005

Tomorrow evening, IN_QUEST is playing a free show at JH Nijdrop in Opwijk (Belgium). Rise & Fall and Amen Ra are playing as well. The cool thing is though, the show will be broadcasted LIVE on Studio Brussels 'PUNX' edition of tomorrow. Go check it out or tune in on your radio !

NIGHTMARE INC.11/10/2005

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS just finished recording and mastering their upcoming full length Nightmare inc.. The record will be available in Europe on november 21st. They have posted a first song off of that album, called DIE WITHOUT up on their myspace page ! Go check that out and add them to your friends !

ROCK TERNAT04/10/2005

ANGEL CREW will be the second goodlife band this year to play the Rock Ternat festival this weekend. After Death before Disco was already confirmed, Angel Crew will be replacing Dark Tranquility, who cancelled their tour with Arch Enemy. Check out Death before Disco and Angel Crew on the Killer Whale stage this saturday ! for more info, check the Rock Ternat site


hey friends, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for has arrived. The new ANGEL CREW record, 'ONE LIFE, ONE SENTENCE' has arrived at our offices and is now available from our webstore !
The CD will be in stores in the Benelux on september 19th, so, if you didn't already get your copy here, go out to a store near you and get the disc. The Record is simply unbelievably good and we've been spinning it for days straight here in our office ! Anyways. Do what you have to do and just pick up the album !

Also. On october 1st, at the Botanique in Brussels, there's a release party for this record and a video shoot for the first Angel Crew video. So, if you wanna see your face on TV in the Angel Crew video, just show up and make this a night to never forget !

ANGEL CREW 'One Life, One Sentence'22/07/2005

Angel Crew's highly anticipated new album 'One Life, One Sentence' will be in stores around Europe on september 19th. You can listen to the title track of that album here. Enjoy !


ANGEL CREW is in the final stages of the recording for their new album. The release will be for the end of August, beginning of September. 'ONE LIFE, ONE SENTENCE'
LOST IN RHONE is ready writing songs for their upcoming debut CD 'Beloved be the ones who sit down'
While we're at it, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS wil also be recordig their upcoming full length 'Nightmare inc.' this summer.

All of these CD should all be in stores before the end of the year.

In the webstore, for the next two months, for each order you make, expect some free Older Eulogy release to come along with your order...

Be sure to pick up one of the new Mindview Magazines with IN-QUEST on the cover. You can find MINDVIEW in nearly every CD store in Belgium and Holland. And while you're at it, check out the reviews IN-QUEST and DEATH BEFORE DISCO have gotten in the new Aardschok magazine.

NEW RELEASES31/05/2005

The new IN-QUEST album, 'the comatose Quandaries' is now available in stores across the country. This 11 song masterpiece, is by far the best work In-Quest has ever done and might be the best GoodLife release in a long time. Be sure to check the new songs on their purevolume page.

We're expecting the INTEGRITY Sliver in the hands of time' finished CD in the office on Thursday. You can order it now already from our webstore !

Also, the long awaited WAKING KILLS THE DREAM EP is now finally available. you can also find it in our webstore or in a store near you.

ANGEL CREW is still recording their new album, so the release date won't be june 27th. As soon as we have scheduled a new date, we'll let you all know. Danny just told us on the phone the record is unbelievable so the small delay will be soon forgotten once you'll have your hands on the final result !

DEATH BEFORE DISCO just got back from a succesfull European tour with STRUNG OUT.


IN-QUEST has posted a new song here off of their upcoming album 'THE COMATOSE QUANDARIES, out on may 23rd. The song is called 'Diffuse Pattern Recognition'. Check it out.

Death before Disco will be supporting STRUNG OUT from May 18th-May 25th. Shows have been added in the toursection.




During the entire month of April, we will give you one FREE Good Life CD of our choice for every CD you buy, one free GL LP of our choice for every LP or one free 7" of our choice for every 7" you order.
To put it in simple words, if you order 3 CDs and an LP, you'll receive a package with 6 CDs and 2 LPs. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.

ANGEL CREW11/03/2005

If you check the Angel Crew artist page on this site, you'll find a tourreport from Angel Crew in Greece and Bulgaria a couple weeks ago. Check it out !
Angel Crew is currently in the studio to record their new Full length, entitled 'ONE LIFE, ONE SENTENCE', scheduled for a June release.

IN-QUEST is in Denmark, at the Antfarm studios, working on their new album. Producer is Tue Madsen and the guys promised us their best work ever... 'The Comatose Quandaries' will be out in May...



LOST IN RHONE21/02/2005



We finished up a new catalog. If you ordered from our webstore or through the mailorder over the last year and a half, you'll be receiving one in your mailbox. If you haven't, but would still love to receive our extensive catalog, just send an email to RENE and write down your name and full address and we'll get one out you !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR06/01/2005

Happy new year everyone! We hope 2005 will be a very good year for you all.

Like most of you, we've been looking at the images of the desastrous Tsunami that hit the South Asian territory. We figure there isn't much we can do, but we'll try. Starting today, until friday, january 14th, we'll be donating 1 euro for every CD bought in our webstore

IN-QUEST is finishing up the writing process for their new full length, which will be entitled The Comatose Quandaries. They'll be recording in March at the Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Expect the record to come out around may...

WEBSTORE + Purevolume06/01/2005

Our webstore is updated and now mostly ALL full lengths (with a couple of exceptions, being the somewhat more major labels releases) are now 12 euro. Tell all your friends about it! You won't find a bigger Hardcore store this cheap in Europe !

As of this week, we're sponsoring label on
We have a bunch of bands online with some killer songs that you can now stream and a couple are available for Download. Just go here and check out our bands. Spread the word and give all of your friends the link !



IN-QUEST will be joining FEAR FACTORY for 3 dates in december. Shows will be in UTRECHT(nl), ANTWERP(b) and Paris (F). More info can be found in the toursection.
You can now also check out In-Quest at Spread the word !

In-Quest will be supporting SUFFOCATION this sunday, december 5th at the biebob in Vosselaar.


Hello Everybody, We're proud to announce an amazing event, in co-operation with EYE SPY, at the Magdalenazaal (MA/Z) in Brugge, Belgium, on December 29th 2004.
The Line-Up :
SFP (b)

TURMOIL is playing an exclusive show for Belgium and will only play 3 European dates ! Price for the event will be 10 euro presale and 12 euro at the door. Doors open at 4.30pm.


This saturday (Oct 16th) Negate will be playing at JH Tamines, filling in for LENGTH OF TIME. Other bands playing will be Arkangel and Do or Die.

NEW RELEASES25/10/2004

We have two new releases available for you guys as of today. ENDZWECK - Strange Love and V/A NEVER SURRENDER compilation.
Both are avilable now in the webstore.

Also, we have a special offer running until november 12th. Buy any 2 CDs from the webstore and get the Never Surrender comp for only 3 euro. Order for 50 euro or more from our webstore and get the Never Surrender CD for free.


new release18/10/2004


AS WE FIGHT24/09/2004

As We Fight finished their new website and have now their own .com. visit and leave them dudes a message saying you love them. They'll also be playing around Europe next month, so go say hi if they play near your town.


No update in a longtime here. But we haven't been sitting on our backs. We finalised the Japanese version of the website. So, for all of our Japanese friends, refresh and click the japanese flag ! ENJOY !

Good Life in FULL EFFECT14/09/2004

This Summer proves to be another busy one at GoodLife ! We are currently building a Japanese-language website and shop and busy preparing many other projects, including 3 new September releases, etc. Keep your eyes peeled and voice your opinion on our Message Board --- all the best - Ed.


Thanks a lot to everybody who came out to the festival. All the bands had a great time and it seems you all enjoyed yourselves as well ! Hope to see you all again next year !

brandNEW CONGRESS music video ONLINE now !!23/06/2004

Check out CONGRESS' spectacular new music video (directed by Dwid Hellion!) here : CONGRESS 'DOGMA' VIDEO CLIP

SITE - SERVER14/06/2004

Hi, as most of you can see or have noticed, there have been problems with the website due to a switch of server. These problems should be solved now and we'll do our best to update all lost info.

GOODLIFE FEST 200419/05/2004

So. Sometimes we like to keep you guys all waiting. We've been getting tons and tons of emails and questions about who'll be playing the Goodlife fest. We already leaked some names to people with a newsletter subscription (yep. that's right, if you don't have one yet, get it now), but here it is finally. The almost complete list of bands that'll play. In random order. 3 more bands have to be added, of which 2 headlining bands for friday and Saturday. The fest will take place between july 23rd and july 25th at De ZWERVER in Leffinge, near Ostend. Prices will be cheap and announced soon. INTEGRITY, CONGRESS, ENDSTAND, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, IN-QUEST, xMAROONx, RISE AND FALL, FLATCAT, PANCHRYSIA, FACE TOMORROW, DEATH BEFORE DISCO, BRIDGE TO SOLACE, PAINT THE TOWN RED, KNUCKLEDUST, DESTINY, RETALIATE, ANOTHER BREATH (us), NARZISS, NO TURNING BACK, JAIRUS, DEADLOCK, THE BREAK-IN, NOVEMBER COMING FIRE. The extra names will be announced asap.

'MILADY 2K4'16/05/2004

Negate has been into the studio and redid one of the tracks of the 'Enemy' CD, with new Vocalist JP (Ex-Death before Disco). You can download the song at


Well, there's a new contest online. Laurent Lesaux (F), Soren Guldmann (Dk) and Jimmy Schepers (B) won the As We Fight contest and may expect their price soon. now, join and good luck!

KISSS.... KILL...05/05/2004

New Death before Disco MP3 online and to be found in the Media section. The song is called 'Kiss, Kill, Lolita' and be prepared for a couple of hits in the head.

THE PARTY IS ON !04/05/2004

Today, we got in the PARTY BULLET, the new Death before Disco CD. And man, it looks and sounds awesome ! Slick ! As We Fight stopped by at the office this morning. They're currently on tour now and stopped here on their way to Paris. The tour is going really good until now and they're getting nothing but good critics all over. Check out the toursection to find out if they play a town near you !!!


In-Quest has found a replacement for Sven in the person of Mike Lofberg. As the singer of the Swedish band 'blockhead', he's gathered quite some experience and recognition. Now that he moved to Belgium, it seemed like he was the right guy at the right time at the right place. In-Quest will not cancel any planned shows and will play all of them with their new singer.

NEWS NEWS NEWS23/04/2004

Hello Dear Friends, Today we are proud to announce the release of our magazine THE PAPER # 14 ! this special collector's edition has two covers, one featuring AS WE FIGHT - their "Black Nails and Bloody Wrists" CD is available NOW ! Feel free to pick up a copy. The Second Cover has DEATH BEFORE DISCO, whose album 'Partybullet' will be coming out shortly ! COME SEE US AT THE GROEZROCK FESTIVAL tomorrow if you live anywhere near Belgium ! More information at ! G O O D L I F E will be having two stalls there tomorrow, one for distro manned by Ed & Bjorn and one for promo, where you can pick up free posters, stickers, issues of the paper, etc,managed by two friendly girls, Stephanie and Sevgi. Make sure to say hi ! Rianne just got out of the hospital and is slowly recovering, she will not be able to attend Groezrock, so if you want to say hi to her or just wish her a speedy recovery, email her here : From now on, we will be accepting applications for interns to work at Good Life regularly and get some music and business experience. Please email us if you would like to apply. Stages kunnen ook hier doorgaan, voor de vlamingen/nl's ! please note that the new HEAVEN SHALL BURN CD will be available THIS WEEK !


Some sad news conserning In-Quest. Sven is Leaving IQ as a singer. Here's his official statement... 'I have decided to leave In-Quest for various reasons, Not too in depth information is really needed. All I have to say is that I didn`t have too much fun and if you don`t have fun, why do something? Right I wish them the best luck in the future & to find a vocalist soon.' There is no news yet about what will happen with the planned shows. Yet they will not be handled anymore by Sven.

new LINK OF THE WEEK !13/04/2004

AS*WE*FIGHT* are about to release their debut full length upon a largely unsuspecting world, and in the mean time we strongly encourage you to check out their website, find all the information and more (rad new cover art) in the links section !!!!


ASWEFIGHT's "Black Nails and Bloody Wrists" will be released April, 27th.
DEATHBEFOREDISCO's "Partybullet" will be unleashed 2 weeks later, on May 11th, 2004 !
George W, here are OUR weapons of mass destruction !!!

DeathBeforeDisco - AsWeFight29/03/2004

Death before Disco and As We Fight are currently finalising the artwork for their releases. The street dates for 'Party Bullet' and 'Black Nails and Bloody wrists' will be anounced really soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

back home22/03/2004

DBD just returned from a succesful 4 day trip to Ireland. They made lots of new fans and have had a great time being there. New shows and tours are in the making, so keep your eyes open for that...

MOVIECLIP UP NOW !!!19/03/2004

From now on we will weekly show you a new cd-review in slapstick/commercial style ! Everybody CHECK IT OUT ! You MUST open it in a new browserwindow for the clip to work !
It may take some time to load, but it's well worth it, every week, another person will be reading one ! If you want to participate, let us know, if you want your band's cd to be featured and get massive exposure, get in touch !

Waking Kills the Dream New CD16/03/2004

We have received the new WAKING KILLS THE DREAM recordings. Their best stuff ever. WKTD will be releasing their new material as a MCD at the beginning of July. The effort has gotten the title 'Standing in the Shadows of Yesterday'. We'll post a new MP3 soon !!!


Due to a problem with the venue, the fest has been replaced and will now be 1 week earlier, being from July 23rd ti july 25th. We're still finishing up the line-up but we hope to let you all know asap !

Congress - Naiad10/03/2004

Congress been flooded with interviews these last couple of weeks. Amongst those, many are definitely worth the read. Especially check out and read what Congress answered there ! Also, NAIAD is looking for a new guitarplayer. If you live in Japan, somewhere near Kyoto, know how to swing an axe and are as crazy and intense as the other four Naiad members, drop them a line and who knows, you might end up in an incredible band !


Last week, Denmark entered the top 10 of most visitors on the Good Life site ! Congratulations and thank you very much all Danish friends ! other countries/visitors this week were : Belgium, US Commercial, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Finland, Australia, US Educational, Austria, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece, Sweden, Argentina, US Military, United States, Indonesia, Chile, Portugal and New Zealand (Aotearoa).

NEWS NEWS NEWS !08/03/2004

The Day of Contempt contest is finished, the winners will be notified by email ! There's a new contest up, check it out, each winner will receive 4 Victory CD's ! Click on Contest Zone on the bottom left of this screen ! We have a new link of the week, check out the amazing work of STEPHEN KASNER in the links section !!! New pictures in the Staff-section as well, check it out ! that's it for today...

Death before Disco Studio update04/03/2004

DBD is about halfway through recording their upcoming album 'Party Bullet'. In true DBD style, think of something that can go wrong and it's happening. Ace (drummer) had to delay his drumming a few days because of a fucked up wrist, 8 songs on guitar have to be redone, due to a terrible sound. Yet, they manage to keep their heads in place and will hopefully finish the recording and mixing before leaving to Ireland for 4 days of invading. For those who wanna hear a glimpse of what will be coming, follow the next link. it's a demo-version of one of the new tracks, called 'Blink, Brake' :

"CAN YOU HELP ME ???"01/03/2004

Is a line that Ozzy sang when he was in Black Sabbath but is also our cry right now as we are looking for experienced writers who want to write interesting colums, stories and rants for THE PAPER. We are looking for writers (m/f) from all over the world with different beliefs and backgrounds. This is one of the things that most of you clearly answered in last years Internet Survey about GL and The Paper - that the writings should be deeper and more interesting. So... if you think you have something interesting to say, email your story or article to
and we will get back to you if we think we want to publish your work! Thanks so much !

News this week :26/02/2004

we have a new 'link of the week' - this week it's Denmark's Frantic Sounds, pretty cool, check it out ! Also, AS WE FIGHT have posted a whole bunch of new tourdates in support of their upcoming album 'Black Nails and Bloody Wrists' on Good Life this spring. Yesterday was Dwid's birthday, so we tricked him and suprised him at the restaurant for a nice meal, after that we went to Amy's Café, Kortrijk's number one hangout. Copy/Paste this link in your browser to see the movie Dwid made about his birthday... I bet you've never seen him sing like this :

NEW MP3's, NEW CONTEST and more :23/02/2004

Two new MP3's are up for you to enjoy : a new song by As We Fight, from their upcoming full length CD 'Black Nails and Bloody Wrists' and a song from the upcoming Damien Done 'Love Thongs' CD. Check them out in the media section.
A new contest is online on the bottom left on this page, you can win a Day of Contempt t-shirt or cd, specify which one you would like to win ! We are still looking for cool sites to trade links with, contact us if you are down !

Day of Contempt to tour New Zealand19/02/2004

Day of Contempt is getting ready for their upcoming Tour in New Zealand, starting on march 6th until march 13th. After tours in Japan, europe, the US and Australia, this Island will have to endure the Killing machine that is Day of Contempt. Dates are up in the tour section.

NEWS THIS WEEK13/02/2004

Death Before Disco are in the studio this week, doing pre-production on their new album 'Partybullet'. As We Fight have finished the guitars in their studio session with Tue Madsen. We are looking forward to hearing the new recordings as much as you are !!!! We added some Congress reviews, you can check those out ! We got a whole bunch of supercool new stuff in the webstore like Most Precious Blood t-shirts (2 designs), Shattered Realm shirts (both imported from the u.s.), an AMAZING Facedown Records DVD and a ton more ! We will have some new mp3's up on the site and in the radio next week, so be sure to check back. If you are in a band or have a label and would like to have your songs streamed on our radio, email us for details ! Have a great weekend !


Arkangel are currently working with Dwid on shooting a video for 'From Heaven We Fall' a killer song off their 'Dead Man Walking' LP/CD. The video will be ready in a few weeks and will be aired on any tv-channel that will play it, and will be available on the upcoming GOOD LIFE DVD which we will release to celebrathe Goodlife's 100th release !!!
ARKANGEL will be recording a 3-song demo very soon at Dé Studio in Brussels, more news on that when we get it !

As We Fight in the studio03/02/2004

AWF has finished writing songs for their upcoming full length and are now getting ready to head into the Antfarm Studios in Denmark on February 9th-18th. Look out for this CD to come out early June.

LINK OF THE WEEK03/02/2004

From now on we will have a new link of the week, every week - check it out in the links section !


Hey, once again our summerfest is starting to take shape ! It will be held on July 30,31 & August 1st 2004 in Belgium. PLEASE email your top 3 of bands you would like to see play !!! Keep it realistic, but you can send in as many lists as you want as you think of more bands... thanks for your help !

NEW CONTEST !30/01/2004

Win a copy of the upcoming IN-QUEST 'Epileptic' CD by answering one simple question ! Scroll down to the bottom left part of this screen and Go !


So. contest nr. 1 has ended. The answer was of course Dwid. Most of the answers were correct, so some innocent childhand was used to draw the winners. These are : 1) Stijn Descheemaeker 2) Steven Dupont 3) Stijn Deschacht a new contest is online NOW !

Damien Moyal Site !22/01/2004

Damien Moyal, former vocalist for Shai Hulud, Morning Again, Culture and As Friends Rust launches his new website, with photos, lyrics, music and his first (of 4) videos !

new contest - WIN FREE STUFF22/01/2004

scroll down to the bottom left of this page to find a new contest and win a copy of 'Resurrection', the new CONGRESS CD ! vote for Carcass !!!

NEW Wallpapers !21/01/2004

Today we added new wallpapers courtesy of Dwid for the following artists in the MEDIA section : Damien Done, In-Quest, Congress, Day of Contempt, Naiad, and a few Goodlife ones !

new site online !16/01/2004

Welcome to the new Good Life site ! What you see is the result of a lot of thinking and working out new ideas… there were a lot of things that needed improvement, so we tried to do just that.

We have tried to add a lot more content to the website ; there is the Webradio ; The “Fests” now have pictures+video from some of our fests and we’ll add more as we get more ; The Paper: check out the interviews from past issues, more will be added soon ; In the Specials Section there will be Mp3's you can download, lotsa neat pics etc ; furthermore we are continually adding Reviews from all the records we’ve released ! We finally have a “Links” section up, so if you would like a link for your site, just contact us !

We will again be running new contests every two weeks with neat goodies to be won ! You will find more information on the history of Good Life in the Inside Look section, more updated show & tourdates, etc…

Any and all feedback on the new website is much appreciated, so e-mail us your comments here :

Have fun discovering the new website !


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