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CONGRESS - Angry with the sun (LP/CD)

Release year1998
ExtraTheir most mature album to date. If the Belgium rockpress and metalscene didn't have their noses up their ass, they would've have recognised this as a true masterpiece of metal. Whatever, who needs them? This is a great record, regardless of critical acclaim ! Vinyl comes in a totally different artwork and both the vinyl and the CD release look very cool. Exists as a regular cd, digipak cd, regular lp, and picture disc LP !
Tracklist1. Nyarlathotep (intro)
2. The release
3. Escape the apocalypse
4. Flame
5. Mass control
6. Incubi lamae
7. Decembers blackest tears
8. Mouthafter
9. Satanic surfers
10. The other cheeck
11. Exhume the truth
12. One more attempt