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Length of Time - Approach to the new world (LP(sold out)/CD)

Approach to the new world (LP(sold out)/CD)
Release year1998
ExtraThe legendary debut. Awesome lay out (check the insert). Vinyl LP came with 3 special, different postcards picturing Manson, LaVey and Grimston. Hard as Nails ! Pressing info: 1st press: 1000 black, 500 clear (both sold out). About one hundred came with black labels (testpresses), there are still some copies available of that one.

1. A devil in a modern world
2. Loving your enemies
3. Better evil
4. Blood is the human race
5. Tendence to divide
6. Shorttimer
7. Approach to the new world
8. Fear the apocalypse
9. We choose the violent way
10. Straight to hell
11. Unavoidable changes
12. Revenge for
13. Act of ignorance
14. Do what must be done