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For The Living - Bridges Burned (LP/CD)

Release year2000
ExtraFOR THE LIVING hail from Washington D.C. and are easily one of the most underrated American Hardcore bands of today. Fast and furious yet melodic Hardcore is the name of the game, loved by straight edge kids and punk kids alike, FOR THE LIVING recorded this record at Brian McTernan's Salad Days Studio. 'Bridges Burned' is what Brian calls his best production job ever. To top things off, the great and INSPIRING lyrics is the final nail in the coffin for anyone who is ignorant to FOR THE LIVING's awesome music !!! This is Goodlife #50 so all LP's come with a FTL patch as a bonus. Pressing info: 100 on Blue, 300 on yellow. Some copies of the yellow are still available.
Tracklist1. Skeptic
2. Playing both sides
3. Just a friend
4. Turn your head
5. Sunday clothes
6. Possibilities
7. Lifeline
8. All your life
9. Time will tell
10. From here to there
11. No regrets
12. Thinking out loud
13. Throwing stones
14. Chapters end