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Sportswear - Building, Dwelling, Thinking (LP)

Building, Dwelling, Thinking (LP)
Release year2000
ExtraVinyl for the Supersoul Full length debut. Contains bonus tracks not on the cd (covers of the abused and Dys). We thought we were out of the color vinyl, but found a little box of color cleaning up the Warehouse just recently ! Anyways, if you have not heard SPORTSWEAR, they play some of the hardest straightedge hardcore this side of JUDGE mixed with BOLD. If you don't like JUDGE, forget it, if you do, like we do, YOU NEED THIS.
Tracklist1. It's time to try
2. Hold tight
3. Free from hurt
4. Desperate minds
5. The power to change
6. Our destiny
7. Keep the faith
8. Erase the pain
9. At rage
10. When sincerety fades
11. I seek
12. Reminisce
13. Remember these days