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Arkangel - Dead Man walking (LP/CD)

Release year2000
ExtraWhat can I say to do justice to this album ? Others have described it as the classic that it is. A milestone in the genre we so lovingly call Edgemetal ; SLAYER are never far off, but ARKANGEL rip things up in a style entirely their own. If you haven't already found out why this band are huge, isn't it about time you do ?!! Lyrical full-on Vegan / Animal Liberation / Ecologist assault. Pressing info: 500 copies on White were pressed, some are still available.
Tracklist1. From heaven we fall
2. Written in black
3. Harbinger of doom
4. Day of apocalypse
5. Behold the face of death
6. Twenty on etwenty three
7. The darkest crime
8. In the embrace of truth
9. Fearful eyes