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Negate - Enemy (CD)

Release year2003
ExtraBelgium’s Negate is one of the older Young bands around. Throughout the years, they have perfected their Metalcore and after 4 releases and a couple 7”es, they’ll release their ‘ENEMY’ CD. Enemy could be seen as the bands Opus Magnus. This band has an immense popularity in French speaking countries and will now expand that to the rest of the World. With the help of GoodLife, this band has a bright future ahead of them and with 6 years of experience, you can bet this band will rock you off your socks !
Tracklist1. The Rape
2. Enemy
3. Milady
4. A Body From Hell
5. Defect
6. Belzebuth
7. Secret Alliance
8. Summertime
9. Masquerade
10. The Engine
11. Zombie