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V/A - Good Life 2 (TAPE /CD)

Good Life 2 (TAPE /CD)
Release year1998
ExtraTotally popular budget sampler. Sold out for the longest time. Australian CD pressing exists on Trial & Error records, but is sold out! Last copies of the Poland pressing on Cassette available now ! Never pressed on vinyl. Much like the first Good Life sampler, great photos of bands and peeps' tattoos !
Tracklist1. 25 ta life: Loyal to da grave
2. Spirit of youth: Into despair
3. Shorebreak: From the path of survival
4. Morning again: Not by birth
5. Comin' Correct: My family
6. Culture: Oath
7. Deformity: Misanthrope
8. Driven: Marrow
9. Length of time: Shorttimer
10. Congress: Choose confusion
11. Spirit 84: Decline
12. Racial abuse: Unnecessary lines
13. Regression: Heartless
14. Liar: Battlecries
15. Kindred: Blank
16. Shortsight: Father
17. Reveal: Fake future
18. Catharsis: Bow down