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V/A - Good Life/Eulogy (CD)

Good Life/Eulogy (CD)
Release year1999
ExtraThe Third Good Life sampler is a split with Florida's EULOGY, owned and run by John Wylie, amazing guy and the boss in Morning Again ! 24 tracks for mcd price. These are the last copies of this sampler, it will not be repressed. American Pressing exists on Eulogy Recordings !

1. Length of time: Thought of the enslaved
2. 25 ta life: Hardcore rules
3. For the living: All along
4. Liar: Heavenshore
5. Discount: History is history
6. Disciple: River of life
7. Poison the well: Obstacle
8. Reveal: Evil Empire
9. As friends rust: Coffee black
10. Driven: Pyramid of the ants
11. Spirit 84: Break the spirit
12. Shockwave: Swindle
13. Congress: December's blackest tears
14. Birthright: Gnosis
15. Dead Blue Sky: Reduced to a whisper
16. Outro
17. Bird of ill omen: To open empty arms
18. Spread the disease: Quarantaine
19. New day rising: Hired angel
20. Twelve tribes: Strings
21. Forever and ever: February tide
22. The China white: I don't want to see the sun
23. Low end theory: Nightime farewell
24. Red roses for a blue lady: Musical chairs