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SWORN VENGEANCE - Hammer Of Vengeance

Hammer Of Vengeance
Release year2014
ExtraBrand New SWORN VENGEANCE Full Length CD is OUT NOW ! Good Life Recordings are very pleased to announce the forthcoming CD release of '…And With This Hammer of Vengeance', from San Francisco hardcore/metal outfit Sworn Vengeance. Released earlier in a digital-only format, Good Life will re-package the release as a CD release with the seven tracks culled from the original recording as well as three additional tracks. Recording at Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zach Ohren (Suffocation, Immolation, Early Graves, All Shall Perish), Sworn Vengeance have entered the studio in early October to record two brand new songs and a re-working of the titular track from their debut full-length 'Abbadon' ! Limited Edition Compact Disc.