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Morning again - Hand Of Hope (LP/CD)

Hand Of Hope (LP/CD)
Release year1996
ExtraNow what we have here is a REAL Hard Core classic... This record was recorded with Damien and John Wylie in the line-up, classic combination (as equally heard on Culture's BORN OF YOU LP/CD). The band broke up, members went on to form Damien Done, Until The End, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Dead Blue Sky, Trust No One, As Friends Rust, Hand Of Hope, etc... Nowdays Morning Again is a big inspiration for A LOT of bands to create that special sound, and even nowdays there's still kids getting into Hardcore through this records cause both the lyrics and the music are classic as fuck.
Tracklist1. Turning over
2. Family ties
3. America on line
4. Minus one
5. Remedy
6. Hand of hope
7. God framed me