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100 Demons - In the eyes of the lord (LP/CD)

Release year2001
ExtraThese guys are awesome ! Brutal Connecticut Hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed, with former members of Yuppicide, Higher Force and Pushbutton Warfare. Eleven HARDcore tracks on this one, all of them winners, all of them instant classics. No wonder this little disc is getting enthusiastic reviews around the world... 'In The Eyes Of The Lord' is simply GREAT. The title refers to Bruce's catholic upbringing, and his disappointment with it. Aaron of Death Threat is singing on one song, fucking great. To top things off, 100 DEMONS are some of the nicest people I've met over there, so we're totally proud to have them on board ! They recentely toured Europe and at the last show (at the Goodlife midsummer fest) The guitarist and the bassplayer smashed their instruments in front of 800 people... That was totally crazy. Pressing info: 1000 Black - 200 red. Very, very last copies available of the red vinyl.. and... vinyl will NEVER be repressed!

1. Forsaken
2. Suffer
3. So alone
4. Wake up and ate
5. While your praying
6. Infected
7. How can I regret
8. Hard luck
9. Back lash
10. Hard surprise