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NO SECOND CHANCE - Never Ending Fear

Never Ending Fear
Release year2011
ExtraNO SECOND CHANCE started in January 2010 with only the desire to play hardcore in an aggressive and raw style and to play as many shows, have as much fun and make as many friends as possible.

Since forming, No Second Chance have gained a reputation for being one of the hardest working and most devoted hardcore bands in Europe - By now, No Second Chance have played well over 180 shows having toured mainland Europe many times.

In March 2011, No Second Chance signed a deal with Goodlife Recordings for the release of their debut album, out Now !

For Fans of FIRST BLOOD, TERROR and Beatdown Hardcore !

1. Standing Strong, Living Through
2 Rise From The Depths
3. Sink or Swim
4. Fed To The Lions
5. Never Ending Fear
6. Lead By Faith Not By Sight
7. Consumed
8. New Scars, Same Blood
9. Greed
10. Eleven Years