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V/A - Rebirth of Hardcore (Picture disc)

Rebirth of Hardcore (Picture disc)
Release year1999
ExtraThis is the limited picturedisc (only a 1000 copies pressed-ever) and probably THE Hardcore sampler from the last ten years. Includes ALL the great American and European old styled Hc bands. This releases has been sold out for a quite long time but we found 10 or 15 back for the very last kids who need this in their record collection
Tracklist1. Better than 1000: I can make a difference
2. Better than 1000: It may be out of fassion
3. Ten yard fight: Stand against
4. Ten yard fight: Falling behind
5. Where fear and weapons meet: Half full
6. Where fear and weapons meet: I still believe
7. Battery: Go back to the gym
8. Sportswear: With clear minds
9. Sportswear: Waste away
10. Committed: New truth
11. Committed: Introduction to the revolution
12. In my eyes: Welcome to Boston
13. Good clean fun: A song for the ladies
14. Mainstrike: Destiny
15. Eyeball: Passion
16. Atari: Because of you
17. For the living
18. Eyes shut: Vision
19. Rain on the parade: Piper's pit
20. Rain on the parade: Forgiven
21. Fastbreak: Too many times
22. Saves the day: The art of misplacing firearms
23. Shelter: The truth will set us free
24. Shelter: The chapter ends