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Dead Blue Sky - Symptoms Of An Unwanted Emotion (CD)

Release year2001
ExtraWe can still remember when bands took the time to create original music for an album where each note and every transition seemed to only build and accelerate the last. This CD will consume the listener with breathtaking and angelic vocals integrated into masterpieces of well-orchestrated fast and furious metal. Dead Blue Sky breathes life and emotion into their music and stylistically, this CD is unmatched by any group. The debut full-length for Goodlife, "Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion" is a remarkable achievement in song writing and melody-driven musical precision. Each member has the freedom to express themselves lyrically and creatively in songs that hold personal meaning, yet are written with words that each listener can embrace and relate to in their own personal way. Dead Blue Sky is hard working and here to stay because they share a close bond driven by a passion and intense dedication to making music and captivating audiences with their unforgettable performances. This band is unstoppable and from the first note, this is a CD that will consume the listener and may never leave the player. Only Cd - no vinyl.
Tracklist1. Beneath The Autumn Sun
2. Essence Of Creation
3. To Live In Dreams
4. When Time Was Time And Life Was Breath
5. Holding Yesterday For Ransom
6. My Sadness Has No Seasons
7. Ghost In The Melody
8. A Reminder Of These Heartless Days
9. Ascension Of Beauty
10. Symptons Of An Unwanted Emotion