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Release year2005
ExtraAfter their successfull "Epileptic" release last year, In-Quest is back presenting their new full-length "The Comatose Quandaries", without doubt their most mature and agressive release to date.
11 New tracks prove that In-Quest have finetuned their unique sound once more, resulting in chunky, pounding compositions spiced with agressive breakdowns and their typical hypnotic, melodic touch. The album also shows the band's new singer Mike Löfberg, whose diverse and powerful vocals blend in seemlessly with In-Quest's music, making it sound like a unit more than ever. Due to this and other new influences, In-Quest managed to somewhat break away from their traditional 'death' roots, crossing over to more mainstream genres in the vein of Fear Factory, Hatebreed and Pantera. The album also features Michael from Mnemic handling the guest vocals.
With "The Comatose Quandaries" In-Quest have created a real concept album, lyrically, musically and visually. On this record, the band gets in touch with the unknown, more darker aspects in life, such as the impower of a person trapped in coma. This time, the band had total control over the artwork, all of which is done by the band itself.
Tracklist1. Diffuse Patern Recognition
2.Audiotoxic Binaries
3. Socioneural Geneticism
4. cryotron Frequency
5. The Frozen; nuclear Aftermath
6. The Comatose Quandary
7. Warpath
8. Systematic Arhythmetic Hate
9. Operation; Citadel
10. Sigmoid Signal
11. Resilient Androtronic Carnage