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As Friends Rust - The fists of time (10

The fists of time (10
Release year1998
ExtraTalking to Damien one day, he told me about this project band he'd been working on; called As Friends Rust. I'll send you a tape, he said. So he did. I loved it and still do. Classic Florida Emo Metal. One song from that session remains unreleased... Hmmm... we were gonna use it for a split 7" with xDisciplex A.D. but that is probably never going to happen. After 'the fists of time' As Friends Rust toured Europe for the first time and played some truely awesome shows (anyone remember the first New years eve fest in Belgium?)! The rest is history, the band got really popular, then broke up. Ha. The future belongs to Damien Done ! Regular 10" vinyl sold out.
Tracklist1. Home is where the heart aches
2. Encante
3. Ruffian
4. When people resort to name calling
5. Broken brain