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Poison the Well - The opposite of december...a season of seperation

The opposite of december...a season of seperation
Release year2000
ExtraOne of my personal favorite bands. Good Life was the first to discover them, pick them up and release their debut 'Distance only makes the Heart grow fonder' on 10" and CD. As much as the debut was and still is an incredible, essential release, this full length shows less brutality and more melody. Great, simple as that. By the way, if anyone owns a PTW 'Opposite of December' t-shirt THAT HAS THE GOODLIFE LOGO on the back, I need that, please email me ! (Ed) Pressing info: 1st press 300 on Blue, 2nd press also 300 on blue so total adds up to 600, however, there's a slight difference... The 2nd press is more a darker blue... some of those are still available. However, they're going very fast. PTW is a HOT band.

1. 12/23/93
2. A wish for wings that work
3. Artists rendering of me
4. Slice paper wrists
5. Nerdy
6. To mandate heaven
7. Not within arms length
8. Midair love message
9. My mirror no longer reflects