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Undying - The whispered lies of angels (CD/LP)

Release year2000
ExtraAwesome stuff, the follow up to their debut mini cd - stunning technical deathmetal assault with full on Swedish influence in the music, say At The Gates, say Amon Amarth, you're getting there. James and Jonathan used to be in Catharsis and you can tell... smart lyrics combined with a fierce and unrelenting musical backup. This will blow your socks off ! Pressing info: 200 made on green vinyl with limited colored cover - all sold out, some left on black with the limited sleeve though.
Tracklist1. Echoes
2. Tears seven times salt
3. The company of storms
4. Fallen grace
5. The coming dark age
6. Born again
7. A desert in the heart
8. Formal absences of precious things
9. Of mask and martyrs
10. Bonus track