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V/A - Trustkill family tree (CD)

Trustkill family tree (CD)
Release year2000
ExtraFull CD for the price of a MCD. Trustkill recs are great, it's about time you discovered some of their bands ! Artwork and layout by Mike Ski of Brother's Keeper ! No vinyl pressed of this one.
Tracklist1. Poison the well: Slice paper wrists
2. Brother's Keeper: Losing is my favorite sport
3. Walls Of Jericho: Playing soldier again
4. Nora: Writer's block
5. Idle Hands: Support
6. Eighteen Visions: Who the fuck killed john lennon
7. The great deceiver: Suffering redefined
8. Harvest: My gratitude
9. Racetraitor: Footsteps
10. Turmoil: Fear of falling down
11. Burn it down: Succes is the best revenge
12. Another victim: Boiling point
13. Disembodied: Stigma
14. Endeavor: Wanna play cards
15. Shai hulud: Anesthesia