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V/A - Trustkill - Future of Music (CD)

Trustkill - Future of Music (CD)
Release year2002
ExtraWe love Trustkill. We're glad to be working with them. They release some of the most amazing bands in hardcore these days. Here's another sampler, displaying all of their artists in full glory ! If you would doubt if you'd like their releases, check this sampler out and ROCK !
Tracklist1. Poison the Well : Moments over axeggerate
2. Eighteen Visions : Motionless and white
3. Nora : Nobody takes pictures of the drummer
4. Spark lights the Friction : Dream Apnea
5. Most Precious Blood : Apparition
6. Brother's Keeper : Someone's gonna die tonight
7. Idle Hands : Bitter Melody
8. Eighteen Visions : Flowers for Ingrid
9. Poison the Well : Nerdy
10. Walls of Jericho : Playing soldier again
11. Shai Hulud : Set your body ablaze
12. Harvest : Epicure
13. The Great Deceiver : Suffering Redefined
14. Endeavor : Kill Traitors