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18 Visions - Until the ink runs out (LP)

Until the ink runs out (LP)
Release year2000
ExtraThis great album from these Trustkill hairdressers gets more and more worshipping all over the world lately. 18 visions managed to become a very popular band in no time and that might just because of the combination good music - good artwork - interesting things to say. The vinyl version on Goodlife came out way earlier than the Cd release on Trustkill but since now we're also carrying the Cd digi pack version on Trustkill.
Tracklist1. She looks good in velvet
2. She's a movie produced masterpiece
3. Champagne and sleeping pills
4. Who the fuck killed John Lennon?
5. Elevator Music
6. The nothing
7. Wine 'em, dine 'em, Sixty nine 'em
8. That ain't Elvis playing Piano
9. Revolutionizing the sound of music
10. Prelude to an epic
11. Flowers for Ingrid