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For The Living - Worth holging onto (LP/CD)

Release year1999
ExtraFor the Living is a truely awesome band from Washington D.C., that sounds a lot like No for an answer and other great true Hardcore bands from that period. After a 7" on an American label, For the living got signed on Goodlife. The First full length contains the (great) demo and some other bonus tracks. For the living are a hardworking band that toured Europe 2 years ago, and up till now is doing very well in The states. Pressing info: 321 were made on red vinyl. Last copies available now.
Tracklist1. All along
2. Text book file
3. Falling out
4. Won't sing that song
5. Tell me
6. Headstrong
7. First person
8. American dream
9. Worth holding onto
10. Identity
11. Frustration
12. Living
13. The past